Five natural ways you can improve your memory

Misplacing your glasses or the TV remote can be downright frustrating, but there are some natural ways you can support your memory recall.

If you’re young and healthy, improving your memory might not be top of your health goals.

But trust us when we say that forgetting where you put your keys, or walking into a room and wondering what you came for, can become infuriating. Not to mention time wasting.

And research shows that memory impairment shouldn’t be taken lightly, given memory is tied to many other cognitive functions such as learning and reasoning.

Also, supporting yourself and your brain health is important to maintain your overall health and wellbeing.

Fortunately science has found there are plenty of things you can do to help improve your recall.

Here are five natural ways:

Play brain games

Just as physical activity keeps your body in shape, activities that engage your mind help keep your brain in shape.

Crosswords, chess, sudoku, word-recall games and even mobile apps dedicated to memory training are excellent ways to strengthen your memory.

You could also try learning to play a musical instrument, tackle a new hobby or volunteer.

Cut down on sugar

Most of us know eating too much added sugar has been associated with many health issues, but did you know there’s also a link to cognitive decline?

Research has shown that a sugar-laden diet can lead to poor memory and reduced brain volume, particularly in the area of the brain that stores your short-term memory.

Get enough sleep

Not getting enough sleep is perhaps the greatest unappreciated cause of forgetfulness, according to US studies.

Researchers have found that too little restful sleep can lead to mood changes and anxiety, which also contribute to problems with memory. The zzz’s count!

Keep active

Exercise is another of those things that we know is good for us in all sorts of ways, but research has established that it’s also beneficial for the brain and may help improve memory in people of all ages – from children to older adults.

Daily exercise can also help improve oxygen circulation to the brain and is a good way to remain socially involved with your friends and family.

Add some ginkgo biloba to your diet

Ginkgo biloba is known as a “living fossil” as it is one of the oldest living trees on the planet, and the dried leaves of the gingko tree are colloquially known as “the brain herb”.

The shape of the leaves bear a resemblance to the human brain, which coincidentally reflects where gingko may help the most.

Containing high levels of flavonoids and terpenoids (compounds known for their strong antioxidant effect), they’re now commonly included in supplements to help increase cognitive performance.

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Formulated by the master herbalists Thompson’s, they could be the edge you need to support cognitive performance and memory as you age.

Best of all they’re vegetarian and vegan-friendly and come in simple capsule form.

They’re worth adding to your shopping list so that the next time you go looking for your keys (or even your car!) you have a little extra help to recall where they are.

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1 Data sourced from IRI MarketEdge AU Pharmacy Weighted – Dollar sales – MAT to 18/12/2022 – General Sale Thompson’s based on data definitions determined by Integria Healthcare (AUST) Pty Ltd.