The Origins of Thompson’s; A Story of Mystery to Mastery

For more than 70 years, Thompson’s has been committed to creating herbal supplements of uncompromising quality and we’re proud to be found in hundreds of retailers across Australia and New Zealand.

From humble beginnings to Master Herbalists, our expertise runs deep, beginning at the very roots of our brand with Founder, Mark Barrington Thompson.

A man ahead of his time

Mark Barrington Thompson was an English herbalist who possessed a deep understanding of herbs and a passion to improve lives through holistic medicine practices.

Well respected in his field, Barrington Thompson was a true pioneer and opened one of New Zealand’s first health food stores, aptly named Thompson’s, in 1951. The corner store was the catalyst for more than 70 years of innovation in the practice of herbal medicine offering people a space to immerse themselves into Barrington Thompson’s world of natural remedies.

Genuinely invested in improving both patient and customer lives through natural, herbal-based remedies, Thompson’s quickly gained popularity and developed a loyal following in New Zealand. His success as a practitioner was a testament to his understanding of herbs and their ability to influence the physiology of the human body. But Barrington Thompson’s ambition didn’t stop there.

An endeavour to share 

As the popularity of Thompson’s grew amongst the community, so did the wider interest in herbal medicine and holistic health remedies. With so many people keen to unlock the potential of herbs in their everyday lives, Barrington Thompson decided to purchase the corner store building that housed Thompson’s and convert the first floor into a lecture hall. There, he shared his knowledge with students and helped to shape the next generation of Herbalists until his death in 1979.

From Mystery to Mastery

Inspired by the curiosity, pioneering spirit and expertise of Barrington Thompson, Thompson’s has become widely known as masters of herbal medicine.

The same commitment to improving lives through high-quality natural ingredients that started in Barrington Thompson’s corner store is engrained in the brand today. From crafting quality formulas to commercialisation, we’re continually seeking to understand herbs and their impact on the physiology of the human body to support the active, healthy lifestyles of our community.

With almost 70 products, our solutions are supported by tradition and science and make it easy for our community to make the best choices for their health.

Through our range, we’re bringing Barrington Thompson’s expertise to everyone.