Celebrate World Herb Day with us on May 6th

Since the beginnings of Thompson’s, our ethos has been about bringing herbal expertise to everyone. From a corner store in New Zealand to the homes of people across Australia and New Zealand, our high-quality herbal formulations are helping to drive better health outcomes and support a healthy lifestyle through the powers of natural medicine. And it all starts with one thing: herbs.

Herbs are the roots of our brand. Thompson’s Founder and original Master Herbalist, Mark Barrington Thompson, possessed a deep understanding of herbs and their ability to influence the physiology of the human body. Through the success of his practice, the brand was born, and herbs have remained our hero every step of the way.

So, we think it’s only fitting to celebrate these humble yet powerful ingredients in all their glory. For the first time (with many more to come), we’re turning World Herb Day into a national event and invite you to join our mission of sharing our herbal expertise.

World Herb Day is an internationally celebrated day dedicated to raising awareness about the useful properties of herbs and the importance they play in our everyday lives. It’s a day that encourages the sharing of knowledge, the planting of herbs, and the incorporation of herbal remedies into your natural health routine.

Wondering how you can celebrate?

Immerse yourself in a world of holistic health practices this World Herb Day

To celebrate the inaugural World Herb Day, we’re bringing a world of wellness to our newly launched platform, Herbalist Hub.  

For us, a thriving wellness routine starts with our high-quality herbal formulations and incorporates holistic practices that champion true wellbeing for the mind, body and soul.

So, we’ve assembled a group of experts across herbs, mindfulness, movement and more, to help support and encourage your experience with holistic wellness and our favourite topic of all, herbs.

Herbal expertise, mastered just for you

Sharing education is a part of our brand DNA and goes back to our very beginnings when Thompson’s Founder, Mark Barrington Thompson, converted his corner health store into a lecture hall to teach the next generation of herbalists.

On the Herbalist Hub, you’ll find everything from expert interviews, research articles, and mindfulness routines to tips and tricks from our community and updates from the Thompson’s team.

And don’t forget to follow along on Facebook where we’ll be sharing all of the World Herb Day excitement!