What is World Herb Day?

National Herb Day is an internationally celebrated day dedicated to raising awareness for the useful properties and importance of herbs in our everyday lives. In Australia and New Zealand, renowned Master Herbalists Thompson’s are bringing National Herb Day down under to celebrate the impressive quality and extensive uses for herbs in our everyday lives.

Thompson’s is an herbal supplement brand that are committed to creating herbal supplements of uncompromising quality and has done so thoughtfully for 70 years.

Thompson’s offers a comprehensive range of product formulations across different health conditions from stress support through to digestive and immune health. Their extensive range of One-A-Day herbal products that uses a range of high quality herbs from nature and offers easy to understand solutions to consumers to support their holistic health.

Why was World Herb Day created?

Thompson’s wish to create this day to encourage people to learn more about herbs and communicate their benefits to help them improve their health and wellbeing naturally. They want to be front of mind for those wishing to start their journey of a more natural and holistic life.

Thompson’s began their herbal journey in 1951 in a corner store in New Zealand, where a respected English herbalist, Mark Barrington Thompson, opened one of New Zealand’s first health stores (called Thompson’s) in 1951.

Thompson helped to develop natural, herb-based remedies and improve the health of his many loyal patients. Eventually he bought the rented building in which the business was housed and converted the first floor into a lecture hall from where he shared his knowledge of natural remedies. This building was ultimately transformed into the South Pacific College of Natural Health. Thompson worked as an herbalist until his death in 1979.

Built on its founders’ deep knowledge of the inner workings of plants and herbs, the Thompson’s brand has grown over 70 years to become a globally recognised name in the realm of herbal healthcare, medicine, and lifestyle supplements.

How should World Herb Day be celebrated?

National Herb Day should be celebrated in Australia and New Zealand through the planting of herbs – whether through community outreach programs or crafting your own herb garden at home – to share the many benefits of incorporating herbs into our everyday lives to our health and wellbeing.